• New Canteen

    New Canteen

    Added on 15 juni 2019
    important part of Zenna is, of course, its employees. We think it is very important that they can do their work in a pleasant, healthy and safe way. Last week's we have focused on important space at Zenna, our canteen….
  • Solar panels

    Solar panels

    Added on 1 februari 2019
    Solar energy for Zenna. At Zenna we care about our environment. If possible, we always choose the most sustainable solutions
  • New website

    New website

    Added on 23 juli 2018
    We have a brand new website which is completely up to date and complies with the current requirements of a website.
    Take a look and enjoy.
  • Zwarte Cross

    Zwarte Cross

    Added on 13 juli 2018
    To keep the focus on our good performance, we also make some time for relaxing activities and have fun together.
  • Hablas español?

    Hablas español?

    Added on 30 mei 2018
    Our company has customer all over the world and of course we want to serve them in the best way we can, so we follow a Spanisch course for better communication.
  • 10 year anniversary

    10 year anniversary

    Added on 12 maart 2018
    This year Zenna has its 10 year anniversary which we have celebrated with several activities for staff and their families.
  • Zenna Bike

    Zenna Bike

    Added on 16 januari 2018
    The healthy and green way of traveling for our employers.
  • An apple a day

    An apple a day

    Added on 1 november 2017
    We want a happy en healthy staff so weekly vitamins for free.