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Laser Cutting Abrasives Materials

For a long time abrasives converting was dominated by knife slitters and die punchers. But in the year 2000 Zenna launched a laser converting line, specially designed to cut fiber discs, a difficult to die-cut material. A decade later Zenna introduced the first wide web sandpaper converting line, designed to cut high volumes "multi-hole" discs and sheets. These products distinguish from standard abrasives shapes, as they are impossible to produce with a die and knife press. Cutting 100, 200 or even 350 small holes for improved dust extraction has become the standard in the car repair market. But even for generic abrasive materials and shapes, laser cutting offers significant advantages versus die and knife: 

Zenna offers a wide range of abrasive cutting systems, either specialized for a specific material like fiber and heavy cloth or more generic materials, like Velcro, paper, film and PSA. Each of these materials can range from P24 to P1000, which is no problem for laser cutting. There are laser cutting systems for narrow web up to 500mm ( FlexCutter) and half to full web of 750mm up to 1700mm (MultiCutter).

The major reasons to consider laser cutting systems of Zenna are:


High Productivity (OEE)

Design possibilities

Low maintenance

Consistent quality