About Zenna Laser Solutions

Zenna Laser Solutions

Zenna Laser Solutions is a worldwide innovative manufacturer and integrator of machines for laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking applications. For already three decades we develop and build specific laser machines for our customers in various industries, like abrasives and sandpaper, isolated tanks, panels, pillow plates and dimple plates, optical film and plastic foil, as well as (technical) textiles. Innovation to improve the customers production and a solid commitment to deliver what we promise are our main drives to be successful. “Together we innovate your production”.

Innovative pioneers

Started as part of the Omega Group, our company built its first laser welding system in 1990. It was designed to produce heat exchanger panels used for isolating tanks in the dairy- and beer- industries. New products for new markets slowly diverted the company from the Omega Group which resulted in a MBI in 2007. Now independent, the company had to change its name and became Zenna Laser Solutions. Our business is still the same: to engineer and build custom installations for industrial laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding.

Laser Cutting

Lasers enable you to cut any pattern you can imagine. This results in the highest possible output from your expensive materials, reducing costs significantly.


Laser Welding

Our specialism since 1990 is creating custom solutions for laser welding pillowplates for heat exchanger panels in single embossed as well as double embossed format.


Laser Marking

Zenna Marking Solutions offers high quality results when laser marking an extensive range of materials, such as marking glass wool with product names, logos, grids, batch numbers or arrows.

Innovative Technology

Laser converting is often seen as ‘innovative’ towards the traditional die-cutting and contact welding technology. Indeed does laser cutting and laser welding still grow steadily at the expense of dies, knives, MIG- and TIG. In general some very evident advantages can be seen:


- Fast job changeover
- Easy market trails, prototypes
- Small make to order jobs at no extra costs


- Constant quality
- No wear of dies & tools
- High accuracy, controllable & repeatable

Significant savings

- Minimal start-up costs
- Less material waste
- Fast response times, less safety stock

Working for Zenna Laser Solutions

On a regular basis we are looking for technical skilled personnel on MBO or HBO level, like; technicians as well as mechanical-, control-, software- and electrical engineers.  


Trying to excel and being innovative is part of Zenna's DNA. It is highly rewarded by our customers and most certainly part of our success. We listen carefully to customer's wishes and we follow developments of our suppliers.

Zenna Videos

On a regularly basis we place new videos about Zenna and about our Laser Solutions.