' Cutting with the possibilities of a Swiss army knife'


Zenna is an innovative machine builder for the Abrasives industry worldwide

' Cutting with the accuracy of a hawk eye '

Zenna is a client-specific machine builder for converting thin flexible materials 

' Marking with the contrast of a felt tip pen '

Zenna is a specialist machine builder for the insulation wool industry

' Welding with the ease of a glue stick'

Zenna is an experienced machine builder for the insulated tank building industry

' Cutting at the speed of light '

Zenna is a disruptive machine builder for the Airbag industry


Zenna Laser Solutions designs and builds innovative industrial laser machines for laser cutting, laser welding, and laser marking purposes.

For over three decades, Zenna has engineered and manufactured client-specific laser systems for customers worldwide in various industries, including cutting abrasives, cutting airbags, welding isolating pillow plates and marking insulation wool. We also engineer and produce special applications laser machines for highly accurate cutting of (optical) film and thin metal foil.

Our success drivers are to enhance capacity and to improve productivity and product quality for our customers, combined with a strong commitment to deliver what we promise. To achieve these goals we create innovate solutions with new and proven technologies and an increasing level of automation.

                                                                                             "Together we innovate your production."



Working for Zenna

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Compact MultiMarker Module for insulation wool


Zenna's newest innovation is the Compact MultiMarker Module for insulation wool engraving, which can be integrated into existing production lines.

FlexMarker Inkjet for Airbags


The FlexMarker Ink for marking unique codes and twistlines to your airbags.

Laser markings for insulation wool


Easily mark insulation wool with logos, text, or unique identifiers using laser technology.