Zenna Laser Solutions

Zenna Laser Solutions is a worldwide innovative manufacturer of machines for laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking applications. 

Zenna Laser Solutions and Covid-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) is still spreading all over the world, it has an enormous impact on our way of living. No one is excluded from adapting his or her lifestyle to reduce the spread of the virus and stay healthy.

At Zenna it is no longer the question of whether the covid-19 will affect our business in particular and the economy in general, but rather how fiercely it will affect us. We face important challenges of travel restrictions, faltering supply of components and other limitations on our normal workflow. We do our best to maneuver within the boundaries of the rules in order to keep our business running and fulfil agreements made with clients.

At Zenna we have trust and show that we are still able to make creative laser proposals to innovate your production!

Our office is opened during office hours 8AM – 5PM (GMT+1). Even though a lot of our engineers work mostly from home, we are still fully available to answer requests. Our assembly and testing facilities are fully operational and projects are in progress without delay. Delivery of spare parts is up to date and we do our utmost to serve our clients according to an agreed planning.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

The Zenna Laser Solutions Team

Innovative laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding applications

Worldwide leader in the production of machines for innovative laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding applications. We have been developing and building specific laser lines and machines for our customers for almost three decades.

Laser Cutting

Lasers enable you to cut any pattern you can imagine. This results in the highest possible output from your expensive materials, reducing costs significantly.


Laser Welding

Our specialism since 1990 is creating custom solutions for laser welding pillowplates for heat exchanger panels in single embossed as well as double embossed format.


Laser Marking

Zenna Marking solutions offers high quality results when laser marking an extensive range of materials, such as marking glass wool with product names, logos, grids, batch numbers or arrow.


Innovations from Zenna Laser Solutions

Trying to excel and being innovative is part of Zenna’s DNA. It is highly rewarded by our customers and most certainly part of our success. We listen carefully to customer’s wishes and we follow developments of our suppliers.