FlexCutter 500

The ZennaLaser FlexCutter 500 is a powerful and flexible laser converting system, designed for materials with a width of up to 500 mm. It can be used as stand-alone production unit or integrated as a module into an existing production line, operating in either index mode or continuously 'on the fly.'

The FlexCutter is a versatile laser system capable of cutting a wide range of hole-patterns and shapes, including discs, sheets and triangles. In addition to discrete parts, the FlexCutter can also produce sheet- and disc rolls as well as fine grit daisy discs on a liner sheet. Besides shapes, the FlexCutter can also cut many different materials, like paper, film and PSA backing and grits from P36 - P2000. In summary, this allround FlexCutter is the perfect production tool for both small and large batches, able to switch between orders without stopping the line.

The working area of the FlexCutter series can vary, but a material width of 100 mm, 350 mm or a maximum of 500 mm is commonly used. For wider material up to 750mm, Zenna offers the MultCutter series with multiple lasers for materials up to full web 1.700mm.

There is a wide range of laser power sources available, varying from 200 Watt to 2.000 Watt. The laser power determine the coarseness of the grit that can be cut and the cutting speed. The more laser power, the higher the output, resulting in a line speed of 5 m/min to 70 m/min.

The FlexCutter 500 benefits from the powerful ZocuPRO software control, used in Zenna's larger laser converting lines. It includes a user-friendly CAD module for designing shapes or importing existing shape drawings, and can communicate with ERP systems. All designs and laser parameters are stored in automated databases, making the FlexCutter very easy to run. One day of training is sufficiant to operate the laser. ZocuPRO enables you to process a wide range of materials and an unlimited selection of shapes and patterns while cutting the material 'on the fly.'

The ZennaLaser FlexCutter have the following unique features:

  • Changeover times from ‘order to order’ in less than 3 seconds
  • Cutting any shape and any hole pattern without investing in tools
  • High cutting accuracy and edge quality, from first to last part
  • Low maintenance when compared to alternative cutting solutions
  • High degree of automation, requiring minimal labor

Process of the FlexCutter: 

A roll of material is loaded into the unwinder, and the material is guided to the cutting station and fixed in place by the pull-roll on the collection conveyor. For each subsequent roll, the material is attached to the end of the previous roll, and the feed continues automatically. The line stops just before the new material enters the cutting station.

Orders can be easily selected on the HMI. All shape drawings and material parameters are stored in internal database libraries on the ZocuPRO software platform.

The material enters the cutting station, where shapes and dust holes are cut. These cut-out holes fall into a container beneath the cutting surface. A pull roll, mounted on a conveyor, transports the cut material. The cutting process is continuous 'on the fly.'

After the cutting station, the material is on the conveyor belt, and a bullbar separates the trim material from the products. In the case of discrete sheets or discs, the trim material is pulled off and wound onto the waste unwinder. The separated parts remain on the conveyor and can be collected by hand.