ZennaLaser FiberdiscCutter

The ZennaLaser FiberdiscCutter is a laser converting system that is specially designed to laser cut fiber discs from coarse to fine grits. The line is set up for the converting of fiber materials into discs from 100mm to 235mm, with a centre (star) hole of 16mm or 22mm and it is especially able for the production of fiber discs ‘on the fly’ up to diameter 235mm and in ‘indexing’ mode up to diameter 500mm.

Due to its modular set up, it can be placed in existing converting lines or be part of a new system. It can work in continuous mode as well as in indexing mode. The FiberdiscCutter can be equipped with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 laser/scanners, and has a special separator after the cutting station for separating the cut fiber discs from the waste material. 

Additionally, we can offer the option of a Robot stacking station with Delta robots, a Vision module and conveyors to stack the discs on pins or in boxes.