ZennaLaser MultiCutter

The ZennaLaser MultiCutter is a generic laser line with many possibilities to convert a wide range of products. It is designed to mark or (kiss) cut very accurately shapes in thin material, like films, textiles, abrasives or paper. Due to its modular set up, it can be placed in existing converting lines or be part of a new system. It can work in continuous mode as well as in indexing mode. The typical surface working area is 120mm x 120mm, 200mm x 200mm or 350mm x 350mm.

The line will use the proven technology of existing Zenna laser lines, combined with latest innovations. We developed a special laser concept MultiTask, that will allow you to cut a wide range of products with or without holes. The working area, shapes to cut/mark will determine the potential line speed, which can vary from 2 meters/minute to 200 meters/minute. The ZennaLaser MultiCutter can work as single station, but can also be combined to two parallel systems, or three or five. Next to the horizontal set up is it also possible to use a vertical set up, depending on available space in your line.