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The Zenna Laser PlateWeld

Zenna’s PlateWeld is specially designed to weld dimple/ pillow plates. Pillowplates are heat exchanger panels in single embossed as well as double embossed format used for chillers, evaporators and cooling or heating tanks.

The Zenna Plateweld can be equipped with a high power Fiber or a CO2 laser from Trumpf or Rofin/Coherent, both world leading laser suppliers with an excellent reputation in performance and service. The Zenna Plateweld is equipped with one or two laser heads. With the use of two laser heads the welding time is significantly redused.

The Zenna Plateweld support a plate-width of 1.500, 2.000 or 2.500 mm wide, the length is basically unlimited. For the transport of the pillowplate Zenna supplies in- and outfeed tables. For the heavier panels we use motorized tables.

The system is designed in such a way that one operator can perform all necessary tasks.

   Zenna pillow plate welding 

Worldwide support and spareparts are available and Zenna offers preventive maintenance.  Zenna Laser Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing customised laser welding systems for pillowplates. Zenna combines proven technology with newest innovations to get the highest quality and output.


The Zenna hydraulic clamping and transport bars ensure better clamping and aquade transport of the pillow plate.They are sepparated controlled to guarantee good quallity and higher speed.

To get a constant and high quality weld, Zenna has:

  • Developed a special nozzle,  to prevent oxidation and reduse gas consumption. 
  • Uses proces monitoring.
  • Heat expation compensation.
  • Seam tracing.
  • Database for parameter settings.

Advantages of Zenna Plateweld for welding pillow plates/ dimple plates:

  • Strong, reliable, uniform and high quality welds.
  • Faster production with less material.
  • Suitable for welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, titanium and numerous other alloys.
  • Fully automated welding-process with low cost of labour and high-quality end product. 
  • Our unique user-friendly software enables fast and easy design of dimple patterns.
  • As any shape can be designed and welded, tailored solutions can be created.
  • Less deformation during welding, because of relatively low heat-input by the laser beam.
  • Choice of single of double laser heads. Improving higher output 
  • Unlimited bottom-plate thickness, as the laser beam only penetrates from top side.

Why Zenna Laser Solutions for laser welding?

We integrate your laser welding solution into your product line, adding intelligent product handling, secure parts clamping and quality control.
Our proven technology has resulted in the largest infield installation number. From New Zealand to Brazil, from Germany to the USA we have implemented many welding solutions since 1990 which are all still in continuous operation. Zenna Laser Solutions, the worldwide market leader in dimple/ pillow plate laser welding, is offering innovative laser welding machine solutions for your specific requirements.