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Zenna Laser MultiScan

The Zenna Laser MultiScan is a system well suited for marking as well as cutting wide web material. The Zenna Laser Multiscan is essentially a number of parallel installed FlexCutters, but controlled by one ZennaPRO CAD drawing and one control unit. The MultiScan set up is also used for high output purposes, where the number of lasers/scanner combination multiply the capacity of a single laser. It is the proven high capacity solution for marking and cutting wide web material.

Proven laser technology

Zenna Laser Solutions developed the advanced technology used in the Zenna Laser MultiScan in the early nineties especially for cutting fiber abrasives with high output requirements. Many improvements followed; more laser power, digital scanners, combinations with vision systems and robots. The MultiScan is a very powerful tool in material converting.


Typical examples of cutting and scribing materials that Zenna MultiScan can handle are textile, paper & board, film and foil and abrasives. 

Large working area

With working areas up to 3 meters (8 feet) wide, the materials can be processed from roll or sheet. On the fly, removing the need to stop the material during cutting.

Advantages of MultiScan technology

  • Large working area
  • Very high capacity
  • Multi-laser technology fully transparent for operator
  • Parts to parts cutting for high yield utilisation of material
  • No dies that wear

Multiple laser systems guaranteeing high output

With a single software control system the various laser systems are controlled to act in parallel ensuring high capacity throughput. Two, three, four, up to five scanner systems, coupled in parallel, convert the material using a single drawing and a single control unit. Our dedicated, easy to use software ZennaPRO makes the operation of the MultiScan simple and efficient.

Why Zenna Laser MultiScan?

We offer the wide width laser cutting solution that meets your needs. We design and build industrial laser systems to your specifications. We build custom laser solutions to meet your needs exactly.