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Zenna Laser Solutions Laser Plotter

When standard nozzle cutters don't suffice, the Zenna Laser Plotter comes into play.  The Zenna Laser Plotter is a laser cutting plotter device with freedom of motion in X,Y,V axis. The device can be driven by linear, belt, rack and pinion or ball screw motors depending on your need for accuracy and speed. The Zenna Laser Plotter offers the ability to handle large surfaces, up to 2.5m material width and unlimited length and ensures the highest laser cut accuracy.

Advantages of the Zenna Laser Laser Plotter

  • Custom-size surface
  • High accuracy

Why Zenna Laser Plotter?

Laser plotters can be found in many varieties as long as you stick to the catalogue. Zenna Laser goes further and offers specialty laser plotter solutions conform your special wishes on table size, laser source, accuracy and product handling. We offer the non-standard laser cutting solution that meets your needs and requirements.


  • Mdf/wood
  • Foils & specialty film
  • Cardboard
  • Airbag textile
  • Abrasives