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Zenna Laser FlexCutter

ZennaLaser FlexCutter  is the most flexible single laser/scanner system for cutting and marking of material, either stand alone,  indexing or ‘on the fly’.  When you need laser cutting solution, the Zenna Laser FlexCutter is the most advanced laser converter for narrow web material up to 600mm (24").
The Zenna Laser FlexCutter benefits from our user-friendly software control, which requires minimal training to use, enable you to handle a wide variety of materials and an unlimited selection of shapes and patterns while cutting the material on the fly.

The FlexCutter series have a modular set up. Starting from a ‘stand alone’ laser module, which can be implemented in an existing converting line, it is also possible to include material handling, stacking robots or complete Vison systems.

Advantages of the Zenna Laser FlexCutter

  • Digital control for high accuracy in depth and size
  • Converts material on the fly as well as stop & go
  • Eliminating costly tools and time-consuming job changeovers associated with dies
  • Unwinder, rewinder optional
  • Maximum flexibility
  • On-the-fly job changeovers (no stop)
  • Extensive Shapes and material libraries
  • Multitasking: kisscutting, perforating and scribing one label/part in one action.


  • Any thins material from roll or sheet
  • Abrasives
  • Foil & film
  • Textiles
  • Paper

What can Zenna Laser Solutions do for you?

We design and build industrial laser systems to your specifications. We build custom laser solutions to meet your needs exactly.