ZennaLaser PlateWeld

Laser welding: ZennaLaser PlateWeld Fiber

The ZennaLaser PlateWeld Fiber 20/1500 is a powerful welding system to produce pillow plates and dimple plates for the construction of isolated tanks and heat exchangers. The fiber laser allows to weld fast, producing up to 3 square meters pillow plate per hour. Also the weld depth and spot width are consistent and very well controlled, leaving the traditional TIG welding far behind in productivity. Especially in complex welding patterns, like cones or bottoms, the PlateWeld is an outstanding welding system. The high level of process automation and the sophisticated PlateCam CAD software make the PlateWeld easy to operate and requires a minimum of staffing. 

Other benefits of Zenna's PlateWeld Fiber are:

  • Able to weld combi of 0.6mm on 2.5mm
  • Water cooled clamping bars to prevent protection foil from melting
  • Powerful PlateCam-CAD drawing software, with client specific design options
  • Automatic Shrinkage Compensation to correct the welding pattern steps
  • Decades of experience, resulting in maintenance and operator friendly design
  • Offering preventive maintenance, breakdown support and spare parts supply
  • Innovative options, e.g. Inline Weld Inspection



The PlateWeld Fiber system consists of two infeed- and two outfeed tables, a enclosed laser cabinet with a safety lock door and dome cameras to view the welding process. Two rigid clamping bars transport the plates in short indexing steps through the laser welding cabinet. Two other rigid clamping bars press the materials together during welding. Shielding gas is preventing oxidation of the top and bottom plate. The laser head creates the welding shapes, controlled by the welding program from the PlateCam - CAD Software.         

Various components of the PlateWeld are configurable, in order to cover the specific needs and budget of clients.                     

ZocuPRO PlateCam software:

Zenna’s PlateCam II software is a very powerful, highly automated and user friendly software package. It helps the designer making complex shapes (e.g. bottoms) in a very efficient way. Many contours, like simple or double Dimple, Long holes and marking characters are stored in a library. Transport steps are automatically generated, but can also be edited and optimized to get a better welding position or increase efficiency. When using a double laser head PlateWeld, the software will propose load balancing to have both heads similar occupied.


New in the Zenna portfolio is the fiber laser with a double fiber core. As both fibers can be controlled individually, the welds can get wider, deeper and faster. In combination with the re-engineered rigid hydraulic clamping and servo transport system, the PlateWeld Fiber double head is the fastest welding system for pillow plates in the market. 

The Weld Inspection option is a tool for real time quality control and warns when a shape is not welded within pre-defined limits.

The Automatic Shrinkage Compensation to adjust the welding program steps relative to the position of the top plate. This correction is normally made by the operator repeating every meter plate and is a time consuming task.