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Laser Welding by Zenna Laser Solutions

Laser welding is already for over 30 years a competitive alternative for traditional spot- and seam welding. First by using the CO2 laser, but especially after the introduction of the Fiber laser, laser welding has grown to the new standard in welding applications. The advantages of laser welding versus traditional spot- and seam welding are many, like: 

  • Stronger, more reliable and high-quality weld
  • Faster, ability to weld at speed of 18 m/min
  • Less deformation of adjacent material due to low heat input
  • Higher accuracy and repeatability
  • Better control of the welding depth and shape

One of the areas where laser welding is showing an increasing popularity is the production of stainless steel pillow plates. Pillow plates, also named dimple plates, are used for isolated tanks and heat exchangers in many different industries.  

Laser Welding pillow plates

A pillow plate, or dimple plate, is a construction of two spaced thin stainless-steel sheets, laser welded to each other. The wavy ‘pillow shaped’ surface is created by pressurized inflation and allows cooling (or heating) fluids to circulate. The pillow plate has a high heat transfer coefficient and shows less chance of leaking due to the consistent quality of laser welding.

There are two types of pillow plates with each their own usage:

Both single- and double embossed pillow plates can be produced on the ZennaLaser PlateWeld. Zenna Laser Solutions launched the first PlateWeld installation for the production of laser welded pillow plates in 1990. Zenna Laser Solutions, the worldwide market leader in dimple plate laser welding, is offering innovative laser welding machine solutions for your specific requirements.

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