ZennaLaser FullWidth-Marker

The ZennaLaser FullWidth-Marker MW2500

The ZennaLaser FullWidth-Marker MW2500 is a special laser application for marking arrows, logos or codes anywhere over the full width of insulation wool. The system is ideal for marking 10cm x 10cm grid while the wool is transported at a line speed of over 25 m/min. Changes in grid or logo can be made “on the fly”, either remotely by a central control system or locally at the laser on a touch screen. Different thicknesses of the wool are compensated by the digitally adjustable focal distance.

The laser marking system is built on a bridge-type frame, that is mounted over the production line and covers a maximum width of 2,5mtr material. The powerful laser and scanner are mounted facing down to the wool. The electrical cabinet and chiller can be placed next to the laser. The complete laser installation is housed in a ventilated cabinet in order to stay dust free and use a minimum of space in the production line, approx. 4 meters free conveyor length.

Many clients choose the DuoScan FullWidth-Marker system with two high power lasers in order to be able to mark grit as well as product names or arrows. Another argument for this solution is to always have one system available for product names or grid, in case of technical unavailability of one system.

The DuoScan FullWidth-Marker system consists of:

  • 2 x CO2 lasersource 2kW.
  • 2 x HQL50i scanners with protection window and height compensation.
  • Laser marking station frame, isolation covers, safety windows, shutter.
  • A chiller for lasers, scanners and mirrors.
  • 1 x IPC (i7 CPU, windows 10) and 1 x spare IPC “Plug & Play”.
  • Zenna ZocuPRO Mark & CAD software licenses.
  • Control cabinet with power distributor, safety PLC with OPC license.
  • Pressurized laser room on top of a frame, to house the complete installation.
  • Encoder to measure material speed.
  • Instruction manuals and technical documentation in English.
  • 1 year warranty on parts (parts subject to wear not included).


The ZennaLaser (DuoScan) FullWidth-Marker will be manufactured according to the CE safety regulations, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and is CE marked.

Capacity and line speed:

Zenna guarantees that letters and numbers of 80mm height can be marked in three lanes in outline at a material speed of 40 m/min. Grid of 10cm x 10cm can be marked at a line speed of 25 m/min with one laser.

NEW: FullWidth-Marker Combi 1+2/2500:

If thick wool panels are sliced in height, it is wishful to mark the bottom of the material. For this requirement Zenna developed the unique Bottom Banner-Marker. Whereas the FullWidth-Marker marks product names at various positions on the top side of the wool, two, three or four laser/scanner combinations mark the material bottom side with banners of the same or different information. Special measures to protect the lenses against falling dust are included in this system.