ZennaLaser Bottom Banner-Marker for marking the bottom side of materials.

The ZennaLaser Bottom Banner-Marker enables to mark the bottom side of panels. Two or more laser/scanner combinations mark the material bottom side with banners of the same or different information. It enables to mark logo’s or text on a 150mm wide banner. Laser marking adapts to any wool thickness, density or material color. Special measures to protect the lenses against falling dust are included in this system.

Material marking of:

  • Product name
  • Batch number / date
  • Isolation value
  • Your logo

The ZennaLaser Bottom Banner-Marker systems consists of:

  • 2x 400 Watt “sealed off” lasers with control-cabinet
  • 2x HQ scanners with “protection” lenses and wool thickness compensation
  • Laser marking station frame, isolation covers, safety windows, shutter
  • A chiller for lasers, scanners and mirrors
  • 1 x IPC (i7 CPU, Windows 10) and 1 x spare IPC “Plug & Play”.
  • Zenna ZocuPRO Mark & CAD software licenses.
  • Control cabinet with power distributor, safety PLC with OPC license.
  • Encoder to measure material speed.
  • Instruction and documentation.
  • 1 year warranty on parts (parts subject to wear not included).


The ZennaLaser Bottom Banner-Marker will be manufactured according to the CE safety regulations, Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, and is CE marked.

The ZennaLaser Combi-Marker combines top- and bottom side marking in one system. The Combi-Marker can be combined with the BannerMarker or the FullWidth Marker.

All ZennaLaser marking systems can be integrated easily in new or existing production lines.