ZennaLaser ShapeCutter

The ZennaLaser ShapeCutter is a small stand-alone cutting system with a CO2-laser for cutting material sheets of 50mm - 350mm square.

Though compact in size, the possibilities are big:

  • Any shapes, like discs, sheets, triangles, belts etc.
  • Various materials like paper, film, Velcro, PSA, cloth.

The ZennaLaser ShapeCutter is often used for R&D developments, for special products in small quantities. It can also be a solution for small businesses that want to widen their portfolio. High quality is guaranteed!

Scope of delivery of the ZennaLaser ShapeCutter:

  • ZennaLaser ShapeCutter in desired width
  • Laser source: Coherent J-5 450Watt CO2
  • Preparation for extraction (filter and extraction are the responsibility of the customer)
  • Gas, cooler and accessories
  • Zenna ZocuPRO software license
  • Documentation / manual in the English language
  • 12 months warranty (laser 18 months)