Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting by Zenna Laser Solutions

Laser cutting is already for decades a serious alternative for die-, knife-, ultra sonic or waterjet cutting. Most well-known is the axial laser table, cutting steel sheets for the construction industry. But there are many more materials that favor laser cutting above the traditional converting techniques. Arguments for laser cutting are: 

  • High flexibility in shapes: any angle, any curve, any hole size
  • Superior precision cutting of simple or complex parts
  • Ability of cutting "part-to-part" for a better material yield
  • A no-contact cut leaving no marks on the material
  • A high quality cut, often no extra finishing required
  • No change of dies or knives, minimum change-over times
  • The ability to cut virtually any material "on the fly"
  • No wear on dies or knives, constant quality

There are two principally different ways to manipulate the laser beam for cutting shapes: axial positioning with a nozzle and rotation positioning with a scanner.

Zenna is working with both positioning techniques, depending on the application and client requirements. But in the last decade Zenna has been specializing in complex scanner application and became a world leading scanner integrator, often in combination with Robot product handling and Vision material qualification.

Some markets, where Zenna has a leading position and offers a wide range of laser solutions, are:



Film & Foil

Film & Foil



Our laser cutting products


The ZennaLaser ShapeCutter is a stand-alone module, specially designed for R&D activities and one-offs.



The ZennaLaser FlexCutter Series is the most flexible single laser/scanner system for cutting and marking of material, either stand alone, indexing or ‘on-the-fly’.



The ZennaLaser MultiCutter has multiple lasers next to each other, for cutting or marking any width material, like films, textiles, abrasives or paper.



The ZennaLaser FiberdiscCutter is a MultiCutter that is specially designed to laser cut fiberdiscs from coarse to fine grits.



The ZennaLaser CombiCutter is equipped with multiple lasers placed in a row for fast MultiTask cutting or marking materials like sandpaper, velcro, cloth, textile, film&foil or PSA.