Trying to excel and being innovative is part of Zenna’s DNA. It is highly rewarded by our clients and most certainly part of our success. We listen carefully to client’s wishes and we follow developments of our suppliers. But most often we push new technologies and offer this to our clients. Sometimes it is just concept solutions as sketch, other situations we made trials in our pilot line. But we are always convinced it can help to innovate our client’s production. This approach might sound risky, but till now we were able ‘to deliver what we promise’. Here some examples:

  • MultiScan


    The Zenna Laser MultiScan is a system well suited for marking as well as cutting wide web material. The Zenna Laser Multiscan is essentially a FlexCutter for large width applications with parallel scanners. (Duo, triple or quadro scan)
  • Custom solutions

    Custom solutions

    We design and build custom industrial laser systems that represent the most direct and efficient route for converting a material from inception to finished product. We strive to eliminate inefficiencies in material losses and workflow, and make the overall process faster and more precise.
  • Zenna 4.0

    Zenna 4.0

    With digitization of industrial operations, it is required for production equipment and administrative systems to interact reliably and efficiently. Our clients, operating globally, expect to be able to receive production information anytime from their systems anywhere in the world.
  • Zenna Laser Maxiscan

    Zenna Laser Maxiscan

    Our innovative Maxiscan solution is a large scanner with a large working area of 40'' x 40'' up to 60'' x 60''.