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Coated - and other industrial textiles, like non-woven, are expensive materials, that ask for special converting equipment. Nesting software is used to minimize waste and optimize patterns. It also requires highly accurate cutting equipment, as the distance between parts is minimal or zero. Laser cutting technology can guarantee this accuracy and optimal use of material, such as metals, plastics and paper.

Laser cutting textiles

Zenna offers reliable solution for textile cutting. Laser cutting seals the edges of most textiles, eliminating the problem of fraying. Zenna laser cutting solutions produce burr-free and oxidation-free cutting edges while maintaining speed & flexibility. Our powerful but also user-friendly software offers complex nesting options for highly efficient use of the materials, both single sheet and multilayer.

TREND: single layer cutting ‘on the fly’

There is a clear tendency is to move away from thick multi-layer beds towards single-layer material, converted ‘on the fly’ at high speed.

Other advantages of Zenna laser cutting

  • Custom solutions for extraordinary size requirements
  • High laser power for high output requirements
  • Superior unique accurate positioning system
  • Powerful nesting options

Zenna Laser cutting solutions applications

Zenna Laser cutters are used in a large variety of industrial applications and are the number one in industrial high power laser cutting solutions. 

  • Industrial textiles
  • Airbags
  • Roller blinds
  • Jeans

What can Zenna Laser Solutions do for you?

For most clients laser cutting is just one step in the production process.  Zenna Laser Solutions has the experience to integrate a partial or complete solution, including robots for material parts supply & stacking, product handling and inline quality control using Vision technology. We help you excel in your market.