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Pillow plates

Over the last 25 years, laser welding a dimple/ pillow plate has become a mature competitor to traditional resistance spot and seam welding. These pillowplates are used in temperature controlled tanks and heat exchangers. Pillowplates can be in a single or double embossed format.                                                                             

Single and double embossed panels are used for:

  • Tank building for the food sector (milk, beer, wine, and others)
  • Tank building for chemical industry 
  • Evaporator plates.
  • Falling Film Water Chillers.
  • Ice banks.
  • Conical mixers and bottoms, dimple jacketed vessels.
  • Heat exchangers for cooling, heating or drying.

Zenna PlateWeld with pillow plate

Advantages of pillow plates / dimple plates:

  • Less chance of leaks due to high quality welding.
  • Higher heat transfer coefficients at lower flow rates.
  • High efficiency in energy transfer/ dimple patterns enable better flows resulting in high-energy efficiency.
  • Pillowplate is integrated in the structure, giving it extra strength. 
  • According to the application any design is possible. 

Major advantages of laser welding a dimple jacket are:

  1. Faster production with less material.
  2. Very strong, reliable, constant high-quality welds.
  3. Convenient for the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, titanium and numerous other alloys.
  4. Less deformation during welding, because of relatively low heat-input by the laser beam.
  5. Ihe inside of the tank is not affected. No rework needed, even the protective film can stay on during welding.
  6. Unlimited under-plate thickness, as the laser beam only penetrates from one side.
  7. As any shape can be designed and welded, tailored solutions can be created.
  8. Fully automated welding-process with low cost of labour and high-quality end product. Already in 1990 Zenna developed the first laser welding system for stainless steel panels.