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Film & Foil

Laser cutting film and foil

Laser / scanner combinations are playing an increasingly important role in precision cutting, perforating and scoring of thin & delicate films. Narrow tolerances and high repeatability accuracy can be reached, essential for many applications. Film converting with lasers is the modern alternative to die cutting for Scoring - easy opening, Kiss cutting – peel off, Cutting minute holes or making Screen film for smartphones & TV displays. When discrete products or foil materials from a roll are moving at high speed (>50m/min), a laser can still be able to cut or perforate with good accuracy. Many types of polymers can be laser converted, the most common being Polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET). Other polymers include PMMA, PTFE, SU8 and acrylics or combinations can be processed well by lasers.

Zenna Laser film & foil cutting solutions

Zenna Laser Solutions offers customized solutions for cutting and marking film and foil parts of any size, from 1 inch square up to 2m width.

Zenna Laser technology for cutting and marking foils offers significant advantages

  • No-contact material processing
  • High accuracy
  • No costs for cutting dies
  • Any shape, any size, any shape complexity
  • Superior nesting 

SPECIAL: Laser cutting plant-hole patterns in stone-wool substrate slabs

Zenna Laser Solutions has developed a special laser cutting solution for cutting plant hole patterns in substrate slabs such as mineral wool. The slabs pass at high speed and the laser will cut ‘on the fly’ any hole pattern with circles, squares or H-shapes.

Why Zenna Laser Solutions for cutting a foil?

We develop custom solutions tailored to your special needs & non-standard requirements and can help you convert parts of any size.