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Converting expensive abrasives material into discs, sheets and other shapes is a delicate process. It requires preservation of the grit for its grinding function but also making a clean and sharp edge of each part. Laser cutting offers both as it will cut contactless and fast, any shape.

Custom solutions for cutting abrasives

There is a wide range of laser converting systems, either specialized  for a specific material like fiber, cloth, velcro, paper, film or PSA, all materials from P24 to P1000. There are laser lines for narrow web (up to 500mm), half web (750mm), midi web (1.000mm) and full web (up to 1.700mm or beyond). Straight from jumbo, master roll or sheet. Zenna can deliver a wide variety of machines and solutions for type of material, hole pattern or special purpose.

TREND: Multi-hole cutting on the fly

In the last few years sandpapers with 100, 200 or even 350 small holes for dust extraction have become a standard in the car repair market. Zenna gained a leading position in designing and building the ZennaLaser Combi lines for this type of abrasives converting.

Other advantages of cutting abrasives with laser

  • Less waste
  • Eliminates wear on tooling
  • Minimal setup time
  • Quality of edge
  • Constant quality
  • Minimal changeover time between jobs
  • Changeover in seconds

Why Zenna Laser cutting for abrasives?

Zenna Laser Solutions is the leading manufacturer of abrasive conversion solutions. Zenna’s integration of lasers, stacking robots and vision systems for quality control, makes a very strong combination.  Key players and leaders in the abrasives market rely on our laser converting systems, and have done so for many years.
From economical single laser systems to high capacity multi laser solutions, Zenna Laser Solutions designs and builds industrial laser systems to your specifications. We build custom laser solutions to meet your needs exactly.