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Zenna Laser Marking Systems

“Engraving insulation wool at the speed of light”

Zenna Laser Solutions offers various highly flexible marking solutions for laser engraving insulation wool with product names, logos, grids, batch codes or arrows.

Laser marking gains popularity with the insulation wool producers, as the advantages versus ‘hot wheel’ marking are significant:

-  Very high reliability, due to absence of moving parts and gas nozzles in a dusty environment
-  Instant switching between active engraving and standby, no heating up delays and idle time burning cost
 - Logo or grid change-overs take less than a second without stopping. Drawing codes can be loaded remotely from a factory control system or can be   selected manually on a touch screen of the laser
-  Engraving a time stamp or batch code, useful for traceability and counterfeiting

The ZennaLaser marking systems are available in two versions:

- Zennalaser Banner-Marker for intense engraving on dedicated lanes
- ZennaLaser FullWidth-Marker for flexible engraving anywhere across the wool

The systems are available in single and double top engraving and also in combination with bottom engraving.


About Zenna, worldwide specialist in Laser Solutions
Zenna Laser Solutions launched the first laser marking system for mineral wool in 2003. In the following decade many laser engraving lines followed, always using the latest available technologies.

Zenna provides a worldwide service including preventive maintenance, technical support and breakdown service.

From economical single laser systems to high capacity complex multi-laser solutions, Zenna designs and builds innovative laser systems up to the needs of their worldwide group of industrial clients.

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