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Zenna Laser marking & Cleaning

Laser Marking and Cleaning are just two technics to colour or remove a thin layer of material, due to the excellent precision control of lasers. Other possibilities are scribing, etching, kiss-cutting and engraving. A high degree of detailed accuracy and long-lasting markings are the outstanding features of our laser marker machines when used for marking logo's or coding and batch numbering parts.

Zenna offers these special industrial solutions for any industry and guarantees high continuous throughput. Some of our clients use the laser marking as a superior alternative to inkjet coding in a dusty environments. They choose Zenna for its knowhow in non-standard laser marking solutions including marking of large areas, up to 2m x 2m. (80'' x 80'')

Many different materials can be laser marked. Zenna is well experienced and has a proven track record in marking mineral wool and other coated automotive parts. And if we do not know, we will offer you to mark a piece of your special material.

The benefits of Zenna Laser markers

  • Very fast operating speeds
  • Economical to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • User-friendly operation (software)
  • High flexibility, short setup time
  • High quality laser marking
  • Large surface, wide reach

Why Zenna Laser Solutions for laser marking?

We offer a serious laser marking alternative to legacy solutions like ‘hot’ stamping. Zenna Laser marking solutions operate reliably and accurately and are designed for use in made-to-order items through to small series. We design and build industrial laser systems to your specifications. We build custom laser solutions to meet your needs exactly.