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Industrial principles are changing globally. The demand for flexibility, small production batches to reduce working capital, innovative designs to respond to shorter product life cycles, constant quality, all can be addressed using laser cutting.

Some of the benefits of using a Zenna Laser cutter over dies or knives include:

  • Superior flexibility and precision cutting of simple or complex parts
  • A no-contact cut leaving no marks on the material
  • No contamination of the material
  • A high quality cut, no extra finishing required,
  • the ability to cut virtually any material on the fly.
  • No wear on dies or knives, constant quality

Why Zenna Laser Cutting?

Zenna Laser Solutions is a leading laser integrator of complex high power laser cutting applications. Our MultiScan systems replace die-cutting systems, resulting in lower cost, less waste and higher return on investment.
We strive to develop solutions that meet all your requirements, just like we have pioneered laser cutting machines for the abrasives and label production industry.