Custom Industrial Laser Solutions

We design and build custom industrial laser systems that represent the most direct and efficient route for converting a material from inception to finished product. We strive to eliminate inefficiencies in material losses and workflow, and make the overall process faster and more precise.


We offer laser conversion solutions for both wide web and narrow web specifications

Narrow web cutting & marking (<20'')

For narrow web we offer our Flexcutter range of laser cutting machines, a single scanner solution that can cut & mark in one action.

Wide web cutting & marking (<80'')

For wide web we have solutions that can convert a material of any size & dimension. Our Multiscan solutions can be expanded to handle materials from 20'' and up.



What Can Zenna Laser Solutions Do For You?

We design and build industrial laser systems to your specifications. We build custom laser solutions to meet your needs exactly.

Proven Laser Technology

We have built customized equipment for companies in need of laser integration in a variety of industries and production lines. For each of our clients we've developed a custom laser solution to meet their needs, their requirements and wishes and we even help them set these up.

For most clients laser welding or laser cutting is just one step in your production process. 

Zenna Laser Solutions has the experience to build your complete solution, including robots for material parts supply & stacking, producthandling and inline quality control. Together we help you excel in your market.


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