Laser welding

Our specialism since 1990 is creating custom solutions for welding dimple plates for isolated tank panels.  Our proven technology combines high speed with low heat generation and
minimal distortion.


The six top advantages of laser welding

  • High welding speeds
  • Little deformation due to low heat input
  • Accurate repeatability
  • High accuracy
  • Good control of welding depth
  • Welding hard to reach places

We offer laser welding machines with the choice of a CO2 laser or a fibre laser unit. 

Laser welding dimple plates for isolated tank panels

The Zenna Laser Solutions PlateWeld is able to weld dimple plates for use in cooling tanks, chillers, evaporators fast and accurately. 

We have realised complete parts welding solutions with integrated material handling for our clients in the automotive industry

By integrating our laser welding solution & material handling like: parts from magazine & inline quality checks we created a continuous product line for our clients with less than 5% downtime.

Why Zenna Laser Solutions for laser welding?

We integrate our laser welding solution into your product line, adding intelligent product handling, secure parts clamping and quality control.

Our proven technology has resulted in the largest infield installation number.

From New Zealand to Brazil, from Germany to the USA we have implemented over 20 laser welding solutions since 1991 which are all still in continuous operation.

Zenna Laser Solutions, the worldwide market leader in dimple plate laser welding, offering innovative laser welding machine solutions for your specific requirements.


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